Construction Superintendent - 5/2018

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Halsell Builders is looking for a Construction Superintendent who is responsible for planning, directing, and supervising the construction work on projects.

The Superintendent has authority and responsibility for the physical construction of the project and will supervise trade employees; plan and manage subcontractors in establishing construction means and methods; scheduling; coordination' workplace safety and harmony. The Superintendent will work with the Project Manager in order to achieve the project goals.

Major Responsibilities:

Responsible and accountable to assure  project costs do not exceed  estimated costs for a project. Responsible and accountable for all costs for direct work, field job expenses (supervisory labor, equipment, materials), and field changes to subcontractors.

Responsible and accountable for planning, directing, and supervising the construction work on a project.

Responsible and accountable for  timely completion of the project (and all project milestones) in accordance with the Contract Project Schedule. Responsible for any required re-scheduling and the impacts thereof.

Responsible for coordinating all necessary inspections during the course of the job with 24 hour notice to the proper agency and immediate action on any correction notices.

Responsible and accountable for project quality control and Owner satisfaction with the finished project. Prior to completion of a job (no later than 2 weeks), the PS will prepare a pre-completion punch list.

Responsible for the production of the project in accordance with the Project Estimate, Job Specifications, and the subcontract Scope of Work.

Develop look-ahead schedules and run subcontractor meetings.

Prepare Daily Updates that accurately and completely reflect project work, activities, incidents, delays, and essential discussions through Co-Construct utilizing “Jobsite Log”.

Assign cost codes to labor and expenditures per Project Estimate and Chart of Accounts.

Assist in resolving labor jurisdictional disputes.

Assist Project Manager in developing monthly total project cost projections.

Assure that the project site, and Halsell Builders facilities, equipment, and vehicles are properly maintained, kept clean, and present a professional appearance.

Manage subcontractors in the scheduling, coordination, and performance of their contractual obligations.

Supervise Company lead carpenters, electrician, and craft labor. Develop Company field personnel for additional responsibilities. Responsible for field employee’s performance and take any corrective action for improved performance or removal of employee if performance is substandard. Responsible for providing feedback and training where appropriate on the qualifications of employee to perform on the job according to the position description for that employee.

Implement and enforce Halsell Builders Injury and Illness Prevention Program, and OSHA, State and Federal Safety regulations with regards to Halsell Builders employees and subcontractors.  Responsible for required safety meetings in field on all assigned jobs in accordance with CAL/OSHA standards.  100% safety on job sites!

Fosters an enthusiastic, creative, “can do” attitude, and shares the responsibility for the Company and department goals.

Skills Qualifications and Knowledge:

 Proactive, flexible, team player who is comfortable working in a small company environment taking on a leadership role

 Highly motivated, self-starter

 Organized, with excellent time management skills

 Good verbal and written communication skills

 Able to work in it and on it simultaneously

 Able to take coaching and feedback

 Forward looking, able to see the problem well in advance, having a solution in place before a crisis.

Clean and valid drivers license. Background check will be run prior to employment.

Location: Santa Maria, CA
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